Walker Acres​

Est. 2018 

Walker Acres is home to some of the most qualified mama's dream horses making each ride both safe and fun! We proudly offer an experience the whole family can enjoy...

from personal pony rides & formal riding classes, to full access to our playground & papa-approved hammock, there is something here for everyone! 


*As of Jan. 1, 2022 60min sessions will be at a rate of $60 per rider and 30min sessions will be at a rate of $40 per rider

*all gift certificates purchased Dec. 2021 expire Jan. 31, 2022. Riders/Guardians must call to book/cash-in their certificate(s) even if they wish to set the appointment for later in the 2022 year. 

(2 consecutive unexcused cancellations renders W.A void of responsibility with no obligation to fulfill purchased service. Transfer of gift certificate service does not include transfer of credit.)

*2022 Summer Camp Early Enrollment will be opened to currently enrolled lesson students Jan. 1, 2022. Open Enrollment will open Feb. 1, 2022.(see camp dates on our summer camp tab)

Physical Address

6525 Schley Rd. 

Hillsborough NC 27278



by appointment only

Sun: Closed

Our Team

When you love what you do, you never work a day in your life-anonymous 

Mr. Rocky

Assistant Instructor & Camp Counselor

"I work with all the little kids. I like to make sure everybody is safe and we have fun. I get everyone started; getting them comfortable & where they can control their horse before I move them up to Ms. Julia. I also work with the little "cowboys" getting them started on roping Ferdinand, our wooden steer, and then off horseback. We also rope the goats too!

I like to use games as my teaching method. They help riders work on balance, posture, control of the horse, & just getting the rider's confidence built. My favorite riding game is a version of Red-light-green-light with a twist.

Blue Dog is my Australian Heeler that joins me in almost every class I teach. She is friendly and usually greets all the farm guests before joining us in the ring or the trail. "

Ms. Julia

Lead Instructor & Program Coordinator

"Once a rider has proven they have the confidence and strength to handle themselves, they graduate to a class with me and their peers. I focus on more formal application and repetition that benefits a rider's muscle memory. I also work with the riders who want to rock it in the show arena!

My teaching methods revolve around the "why" of practical application because it's my deepest belief that showing is, like trail, simply a byproduct of good horsemanship.

I started my own journey as a starry-eyed little with an irrational love for horses. Today, it's my pleasure to put my 20+ years of training and experience to work."

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