Walker Acres​

Established 2018 

Walker Acres is home to some of the most qualified mama's dream horses making each ride both safe and fun! We proudly offer an experience the whole family can enjoy...

from personal pony rides & formal riding classes, to full access to our playground & papa-approved hammock, there is something here for everyone! 

Check out our home-made Healthy Horse 5 horse treats! 

Listen in on our interview with Cooler Conversations Podcast Jan. 22 2021 

Healthy Horse 5 brought to you by Walker Acres

keeps your horse cookies simple & wholesome with 5 recognizable ingredients & baked with love!

"As a consumer, it's important to me to know what's going into my pony's bodies. I'm always overwhelmed by the ingredients list on the back of so many products. Especially since my senior horses often turn their noses up to the powder joint supplements I try to dress. I thought there had to be a better way so I started making my own treats."

-Julia Walker, W.A program Director. 

Healthy Horse 5 & Healthy horse 5+MSM are home-made wafer treats W.A confidently feeds our horses. By popular demand we're opening our kitchen to you & your ponies! These delicious wafers are made with ingredients you probably have in your own kitchen, safe for horse consumption. They come in 2 yummy flavors(Honey & Molasses) & that's not even the best part! You can eat them & share them with your puppers too!! Healthy Horse 5+MSM is made with 10,000mg of MSM per wafer making the daily serving convenient & positive for your horse! Keeping it simple has just made a huge come back & we're happy to share in the journey with you!

To place an order for your 2lb bag of home-made simple pony delight, message us here!

Original Honey or Molasses $10.00 each

PLUS Honey or Molasses $15.00 each

Healthy Horse 5 & Healthy Horse 5+MSM are brought to you by Walker Acres & approved by the W.A Wonder Ponies! 

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6525 Schley Rd. 

Hillsborough NC 27278



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