Walker Acres

Schley Rd. Hillsborough NC

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Walker Acres​

Est. 2018

"Safety is not the absence of threat, it is the presence of connection"

-Gabor Mate

W.A is Family owned and operated

Meet the Walkers of Walker Acres

Est. 2018

Teaching a form of horsemanship that puts the horse first, w.a offers training to riding students that bridges the gap between English and western styles of riding. with a focus on biomechanics, practical application, and equine psychology, riding students learn to read their horse and thus build a better connection that can be applied to any discipline.

(haul-in's welcome!)

New 2022

Horse training with a focus on soft willingness on both the ground and in the saddle, confidence building exposure, and general milage.

"Here, we ride for the horse"

-Julia W. 

lead instructor/program coordinator

Mr. Rocky [Walker]

Assistant Riding Instructor

Lead Roping Instructor

Camp Counselor

"I was raised on a horse farm and spent some time learning to rope. All our family vacations took place in the saddle on a mountain side. I was never into showing but trail riding I could get into. I like to keep it safe while having fun. I work with most of the beginners that join our program & I spend a lot of time doing 1-on-one training with the lead-line beginner riders. I like to use games as my teaching method & I often like to go for short walks in the woods as a form of reward for hard work in the ring.  One of my favorite riding games is Red-light-green-light that I put my own twist to. Blue, my heeler pup, is usually at the barn with me and likes to greet everyone with wet kisses."

Ms. Julia [Walker]

Lead Instructor

Program Coordinator

"I'm still the starry-eyed little who's captivated by horses no matter where I go. My riding career began at the tender age of 5 and that's all she wrote. Since my early years, I've had the pleasure of meeting some incredible trainers (and horses), but the journey is far from over. Today, I work with most of the group, adult, and more advanced riders however, I love doing class collaborations with Mr. Rocky and keep an active relationship with all our guests. My training methods are exactly the same for both horse and rider. I ,too, am a student and having a low-pressure positive environment that allows me to take the time I need helps me find the confidence to just keep trying. With that in mind, whether I'm working with a horse or a riding student, I try to provide a safe mental space for mistakes to happen and sucess to seed because riding isn't a 1-way street and to me, the journey is more important that the destination anyway."


1748 Flying W Trl. 

Hillsborough NC 27278

Attn: Julia Walker/Walker Acres

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Normal Hours Monday, Wednesday - Friday 3p-7p
p: (984)215-0023
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6525 [A] Schley Rd. 

Hillsborough NC 27278

**Stay left at the fork in the drive and follow the W.A signs**

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Riding appointments for active duty or veteran military members are on the house. Thank you for your service

as of June 1, 2022 a non-refundable retainer fee of $40 will be associated with all new & 1x ride session/ evaluation ride appointments

*Closed/no class on the following upcoming dates: 

November 24-25, 2022

Dec 26-30, 2022

cancellation policy

printable consent form and full details of what to expect from W.A

Weather & Equine Activities

W.A puts the safety of our guests, staff, and horses before our paycheck & want you to know what to expect from us.

Class will be cancelled in the following circumstances:

Frozen precipitation, ice accumulation, power outage, Thunderstorms, Thunder, heat index, air quality alerts, damaging winds, tropical storm/depression, hurricane conditions, (in temps below 50) Rain, & flood conditions.

weather updates are also posted to our Facebook Page.