About us

Who Are the Walkers of Walker Acres?

A farm boy with roots in business management, farm equipment, horses, maintenance, and a foundation business owner, and a girl with 20+ years of riding and training experience, a competitive back ground, certifications for teaching formal riding, & a love for ponies.

Farm Fresh Eggs & Hand Raised Chickens

We are so proud of our flock of bitties. While ours is a program that offers farm fresh Non-GMO eggs, our birds are all "dual purpose" meaning that they are useful in more than one way depending on the client's preferences. We only feed top quality feed that is recognizable that we happily invite our egg-clients to inspect. We supplement our hens diets with free-range time allowing them to stretch their legs and forage as nature intended. This keeps a balanced diet & an overall happy hen. Shell color varies but the product is the same! Each year we allow our broody hens hatch their own clutches and yes, we do offer our chicks for sale! See our events tab.

The Walker Acres Pony Program

Our program is one full of excitement and perspective. We dabble in a variety of products and services which keeps things fresh to say the lease. Our pony program caters to the 4 - 7 year demographic, offering formal training OR just a bit of fun. We try our best to combine wonder and whimsy with proper instruction and safety. Our ponies are all carefully selected and are held to the highest of standards. To be a Walker Acres Program Pony, they must fit a very specific set of requirements AND SOME, thus promoting the safest learning possible. 

Walker Acres & Equine Photography

We offer summer camp photos each year when we collaborate with Flying W Ranch which means each campers has a very individual documentation of their experience in summer horse camp. Additionally, we offer horse show photo services, catalog, glamour, & UNICORN photo packages. Our very own Walker Acres Ponies transform into magical unicorns from time to time. See the Equine Photography tab for more details.

Little Bit 'a Pepper Pony

Affectionately known as "Pepperoni", this little gal is actually a true miniature horse standing at 38" tall. She used to call Lumberton NC home but has since adjusted to piedmont life & has pioneered the Pony Program here at Walker Acres. With a gentle disposition, this little Paint makes learning fun and whimsical. Riders learn how to groom, lead, and ride with confidence all while being lead in-hand. Her favorite part of horse camp is by far the brushing and braiding.

Oh my Darlin' Clementine

Standing at roughly 4' tall, originally from the Amish country Indiana, Ms. Clementine has a resume that includes hunt seat, hunter over fences, and English pleasure. She is a smooth ride and offers riders a chance at more independent and challenging instruction. This gal is definitely more whoa than go and her favorite rider is one with a treat.


Tonto comes to us from Yadkinville NC. With a background in pony parties & kid events, this little guy has his PhD in being kid friendly. He rides in-hand and alone through all 3 gaits which makes him perfect for pony rides OR independent riding lessons. We are proud to call this little guy part of the WA program.

Danerys Storm Pony

This sweet girl comes to us from southern Virginia. Danerys is a social butterfly. Though she is the youngest of our Wonder Ponies, she is the most fearless and often pioneers new exercises. She is an excellent partner to a timid rider as she offers encouragement to those unsure about horses. This girl has affection to give! 

Danerys' favorite rider is one with a brush, ready to spend extra time grooming all those itch spots she can't reach. 

Some other faces you will likely see when you visit....