Walker Acres Est. 2018

My name is Julia and I am the director and coordinator here at W.A. I was the little girl that "ooo-ed" & "ahh-ed" at the horses from my car seat as we drove past all the fields and today, I still softly marvel when I drive past a happy herd quietly munching. Horses weren't just my favorite animal, they were my favorite smell, my favorite color, my favorite sound... I remember wanting nothing more then to be in the field with them forever. 

As you could imagine, when I got my chance to ride one for the first time, I was beside myself. "It's a phase," my parent's friends would say. "She'll grow out of it." From the time I was 5 the love only grew. I was hungry for everything I could learn that would one-day help me to find my way to the field with them. 

My competitive career began when I was 12. Admittedly,  I wasn't sure I wanted to show but try it, I did. Maybe if I could compete well, I could go back to the field. The glamour of the show arena was intoxicating. I was surrounded by the best and most beautiful, and here I was counted among them. Rocket was my show horse on paper but to me, he was my team-mate, my pillar, and my friend. We spent many years in and out of the competitive lime light. I didn't know it then, but I had found my heart-horse. My special one-in-a-million bond with this old red quarter horse whom took me to that field for a brief time, where he let me be with him as he grazed quietly. My cup ran over...

 I graduated high-school and went to college and had to say goodbye to Rocket. My heart was broken but I did manage to ride for professors that had pasture ornaments and took on some low-key barn assistant jobs to help keep gas in my car. Becoming a young adult in society came with it's fair share of sour tastes. Apart from hating my jobs, my commute to and from work would bring me past all those lush fields with herds of horses and I would drive past without even a second glance. My adulthood consumed my thoughts and my heart was often wounded by my inadequate performances , disappointments, and failures. I was swept further away from the little girl I used to know who lived for sunny fields and quiet grazing. 

After some soul searching, getting married, having 2 kids, and a drive through the country, I had an idea that was the catalyst. Horses have never been a phase, they were a lifestyle; a personality trait that I had abandoned. Like a body on a poor diet, my soul was starving. I recalled being the little girl excited to see the horses in the field, the first time I won at a horse show with Rocket, the feeling I got when I was allowed to be a kid on the farm during the summer & I decided to build a program a little different from the rest...one centered around the feeling we all get when we ride. One where riding in your favorite T-shirt and jeans is perfectly acceptable. One where pedigree and perfect circles aren't essential and where it's okay to come a little early to wrap around your horse's neck and have a good cry. 

Not just a job. A career. Not just a stable. A place of healing. Not just another barn that offers lessons. A tribe that refills each other's cups. Today, 6 horses, 5 days a week, 4 play-structures, 3 seasonal camps, 2 arenas, and a teaching certification later, I continue to honor Rocket and all his many lessons while I ride in my own field surrounded by my happy herd quietly munching.  While I do enjoy competing for myself, the W.A program was developed not because I wanted to be a trainer, but because I wanted to be a kid who rides for the simple love of horses and I am happy to share that passion, as it fuels my fire and may be the catalyst to yours. 

In loving memory of a heart-horse. Thank you Rocket for the many lessons, ribbons, and cherished rides. Until we meet again, I will listen for your gallop in the thunder every time it rains.

It began with one...

This little pioneer piloted the "pony program" for 2 years all on her own that has since expanded into a fully operational Equine Facility. Pepper Pony was a catalyst to what guests of all ages now enjoy. While she no longer calls our farm home, we will continue to love and cherish her as we expand on the foundation she helped build.

Thank you beloved Pepper-Pony for listening to my crazy plans and drying my tears with your wild mane. 

Faces to remember... 

These rays of sunshine no longer call our pasture home but we will never forget them and all their quirky splendor. To be deeply missed and forever loved- remember...

 Lady, Clementine, & Danny.

-Horse's Prayer-


If we should stumble, my horse and I, please pick him up first for he has carried me through good and evil & given me courage to believe."