By sponsoring the Walker Acres Program, you light the way for both horse and rider

As some know, not all our horses had the happiest of beginnings. Some had a previous life full of hard miles and neglect, while others had wounds you couldn't see from the outside. We try to balance a healthy work environment for both horse and rider with a teaching approach that reworks the horse  by showing riders how to help their horse overcome the mental and physical barriers each of our ponies faces. We do not operate as a rescue nor as a non-profit but we, like any operation dedicated to healing and regrowth, always have a need for items and services. 

Did you know???

Sunflowers will face one another on grey days

W.A wants to face up with others just like you to make the future bright. Join our garden and be our sunshine! It's easy...

All sponsorships will receive...

*a receipt for donation to be applied for business/personal records

*advertising/shout-outs on all W.A social media platforms including: Website, Facebook, Instagram, & our Youtube channel

*a free W.A "you are my sunshine" gift featuring our special Sunflower Horse logo as a token of our appreciation

Here's how you can be a little ray of sunshine!


If you are an equine specialist who would like to join up with the W.A mission, we gladly showcase your skill on our channel and other social platforms. We can include as much or as little about your trade as you want, matching the value of your work for the effort put forth on our part. 

 This type of I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine-service will not only double as advertising for your business but will also be a neat way of educating the next generation about other equine related careers. 

Donated Items

We always have a need for 

Fly Spray


lead ropes


Paint & awards for our youth 

To the world, these items are little and insignificant but to our program, they mean the world. 

We happily take pre-loved tack & arena items as well!

Monetary Donation

For those who want to put their sponsorship to work, we graciously accept monetary donations of any amount.

For those over $300, we will create a weatherproof banner as a token of our appreciation that can include photos, logo, products and services for our circles to see & hang it in our facility for a 30 day period. 

This 8" banner is YOURS TO KEEP or you can opt to decorate our walls for $100 each additional month you want to keep it hung.