Frequently Asked Questions

How do you plan to proceed with COVID19

We understand that the pandemic has hit home hard, for some more than others. We are taking the extra steps to keep everything disinfected and all our guests safe however, we do not wish to push our guests out of their comfort zones. This is especially true to those with family members that may be particularly high risk to this illness. While we are making efforts, no one is obligated to ride and we would rather reschedule and see you when you feel more comfortable. These are unprecedented times and we will continue to do our part in keeping our barn clean & our staff healthy so that your family can enjoy the horses while we all look forward to the day we can return to normal. 

How old do you have to be to start taking riding lessons?

This one is in our email at least once a week. While age and mental comprehension is a big factor, actual size is as important. The rider must be long enough in the leg for the horse to feel when ques are given. Typically, along with the rest of our area's barns, the horses can feel them when they are at least 3' tall & mature enough to process isolated muscle movements. 

Can I ride with my child?

If a parent/guardian would like to ride with their child/children, we recommend having the adult take a ride or two prior to adding the youths. This allows us to offer the adult rider the safety and assurance to help them help prepare to help their youth(s) when we invite them to join us.

Is there an age limit?

Technically, no. We happily offer a customizable riding experience however, with the riders under 6 years will need a parent/guardian to offer additional support and stabilization however we do not necessarily recommend signing up youths that cannot support their own upper-body in an upright position. 

If I take lessons, do I have to compete?

Absolutely not. Our mission at W.A is to help you find the confidence and strength to enjoy the ride. Of course, we will happily help you condition for competition if that is where your heart takes you but no rider is ever obligated to present to a judge. We are just as happy to ride recreationally with you! Your journey is yours!

Inclement Weather Policy:

For now, until our covered arena is complete, rides are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Inclement weather like snow, hale, & hurricane conditions will and do put a halt to our lessons, as does the "April Shower"(for now). When our arena is complete, we will be on business as usual during those pesky showers but we will continue to cancel during thunder storms & equally as dangerous conditions. When the weather is uncooperative with our routine rides, all riders and families are notified well in advance so there are no unnecessary trips to the barn. Furthermore, our Facebook is actively updated with current conditions, weather reports, and cancellations. As always, our guests are encouraged to call directly with any questions.

Summer Season & Heat Index VS. Winter Season and Wind Chill:

As with all sports that are played outside, the heat & sunshine play a huge part in how much fun a rider can have. Please be advised, it gets hot at the barn and especially in the riding ring. Staying well hydrated is the best defense against heat exhaustion. Heat index is not an element of the "inclement weather" policy. It is advisable for our younger riders to ride in the early morning or late evening time blocks if applicable while our covered arena is still under construction and as always, push the water. 

We ride in every season and often advise our riders to drink plenty of water during the winter months as well as the summer. Layered riding apparel, gloves, & scarves are all welcome during winter & are highly recommended. Wind Chill is not an element of the "inclement weather" policy either. 

Do you board?

Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to board other horses at this time, but there are lots of other local boarding barns including 

M&L Farms

Pleasant Hill Farms

Sharon Oaks

Lockhill Farms

Cresent Farm

Bacon Farm

and others in the area that may have room for you and your horse(s).

Are you hiring?

At this time, we are not hiring. 

Do you take rescue horses?

Not all horses are meant for the "school master" life. It's true, not all our horses/ponies came from glittering beginnings however, we are not outfitted or registered as a "rescue". As badly as we wish we could, we simply can't take in rescues. Our recommendation would be to find a equine sanctuary to surrender or report a rescue in need. These facilities are equipped with the tools and staff necessary to furnish a rich recovery for horses/burros who need a reconstruction to find a forever loving home.

Could I come work just to be around the horses?

We appreciate the offer however, we are a small operation and do not need the additional help at this time. If you would like some exclusive time with our beloved herd, we would love to schedule a ride with you!