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Frequently Asked Questions

Moving forward with COVID & variants

As with our pre-pandemic practices, we will continue to disinfect all shared equipment and encourage all guests to wash their hands after activities with the horses(or generally on the farm). 

Out of respect for the privacy of all our guests, W.A does not require families to disclose personal medical information to ride & further leaves families with the right to choose to wear a mask.  We happily respect each rider's choice & privacy. Face shields are not permitted to be warn as they obstruct the fit of the SEI safety helmets & may also cause the horses to panic. 

Inclement Weather

As long as conditions are not dangerous, plan on riding.

We watch the forecast and pay attention to everything from ground temperatures to air quality and everything in between. In the event that the weather looks questionable, all clients are contacted (including camper families) to coordinate cancellations & reschedules.

Is there an age limit to lessons?

60min sessions are considered lessons & are designed to focus more energy on building strength, muscle memory, confidence, and stamina. While some 4-5 year old's have the grit for 60 concentrated minutes of training, most don't initially so the recommendation is always, try the 30min session first and see how things go. Physically, riders shouldn't ride for 60min weekly classes until after age 5 as the human pelvis still has some growing to do.

Can I ride 

w‚Äčith my child?

Yes. We recommend having the adult take a ride or two prior to adding the youths. This allows us to offer the adult rider the safety and assurance to help them help prepare to help their youth(s) when we invite them to join us.

Do you offer adult classes?

Yes! While our main demographic and specialty is the younger crowd, we happily help our more mature guests begin their journey or restart themselves again. Our teaching approach is adaptable to all body-types and allows riders to fine tune their strengths and coordinate their weaknesses for a better ride. Our adult riders are afforded all the same opportunities our youth riders get including trail and the option to compete.

Do riders have to compete?

Absolutely not. Our mission at W.A is to help riders find the confidence and strength to enjoy the ride. Of course, we will happily help you condition for competition if that is where your heart takes you but no rider is ever obligated to present to a judge. We are just as happy to ride recreationally with you! Your journey is yours!

Do you offer board?

 we do not have the facilities to board other horses at this time, but there are lots of other local boarding barns including

M&L Farms

Pleasant Hill Farms

Sharon Oaks

Lockhill Farms

Cresent Farm

Bacon Farm

and others in the area that may have room for you and your horse(s).

Can I come volunteer?

Volunteer opportunities are reserved for enrolled lesson students who have an established familiarity with the horses and our routines. Record of hours/duties and letters of recommendation are offered to students who continue show as much dedication to the jobs around the barn as they do to their job in the saddle. Volunteer jobs include but are not limited to:

Summer Camp Counciler

Stable Tech

Lead-line Handler

Volunteer hours are not offered in exchange for instruction or ride-time

Do you rescue horses?

We are not properly facilitated to meet the requirements most rescue horses need. If you would like to adopt/surrender, we recommend finding a local equine sanctuary & following the process.

Do you offer trail riding?

Trail riding is part of the rewards system we have in place for our enrolled students. We offer trail experiences to riders who have shown growth in the ring and can handle their horse safely. Riders must be familiar with their horse's ques, behavior patterns, and maintain composure in the ring before we graduate them to the woods. We do not offer guided trail rides to tour groups. 

Do you offer jumping?

No, we do not offer fence work here at W.A. We teach the fundamentals of solid flat work(Walk/Trot/Jog/Lope/Canter) in addition to trail, intro to roping, and showmanship. 

How big are classes?

Winter classes average 4 riders per hour. All students are conditioned to ride in a group. Summer classes average 4-6 riders per class. 

For those interested in staying in private sessions, classes will be determined in coordination with the current lesson schedule M-F at double the normal rate. 

Do you offer weekend classes?

Weekends fall under our "after-hours" and are typically used for facility maintenance, training, servicemen rides & competition.

Afterhours rates are double that of the usual rate.

W.A operates much like an after-school sport like football or swimming. Practice hours are arranged Monday through Friday afternoons. For those interested in weekend sessions, there is an upcharge to note. Weekend sessions are not for routine booking.

Do you travel to teach?

Rarely. Traveling is costly for both instructor and client & it can often exceed the budget for a simple 60min session. We do however encourage haul-ins. Ms. Julia would be delighted to share the tips that worked for our horses with you and yours!