live-stock for sale

Like our chicks, in accordance with the breeding seasons, we often have spring babies up for discussion. Baby boar cross doelings and bucklings start at $50 each. For a more detailed description of prices and available stock, call directly 984-215-0023

What our customers are saying

I have been very fortunate to have had a friends that provides me with eggs. In the past year, I don't think I have had to buy any from the store, and that is great. Buying from Julia @ Walker Acres is like having my own hens. I know what she feeds them and where she gets it from. The quality of eggs has been great...I have recommended her eggs...[and]...would highly recommend Walker Acres for all of your egg needs...I have not purchased any hens form her, but I can guarantee that they are healthy and great egg producers. She takes very good care of them..."

Michelle P - Oct. 2018