Riding & COVID19

To better protect our family and guests, increased disinfecting measures have been employed to all surfaces including but not limited to all tack items, brushes, play-ground surfaces, etc. All classes have been reduced to well under the State speculations. We thank you for your patience during this time & look forward to seeing you at the barn!

FAQ: What's a normal lesson like & what are your COVID procedures?

As the weather begins to get warmer, there is more and more interest expressed towards enrolling in lessons. All new enrollments are limited to private one-on-one sessions with a single instructor & all new riders begin in-hand on a lead. If more than one class is being hosted at a given time, classes are separated between our two riding spaces. All equipment is sanitized between uses & guests are encouraged to wash their hands before eating because after all, this is a farm. A normal lesson includes grooming, pre & post care, showmanship and horsemanship. More advanced group classes are limited to no more than 3.

IMPORTANT PSA to our guests & riders

As we enter into the warmer seasons, it is imperative that individuals take the steps to defend against the heat. 

Dehydration & heat exhaustion are no stranger to the barn. Symptoms can include nausea, fatigue, dizziness, faintness, & in more severe cases unconsciousness. Sun poisonings also something to plan for. All riders must push the water at least 24h in advance of their scheduled lesson and bring water with them to their ride. Sunscreen wards of the possibility of sun poisoning (as does our new cover over our arena). Please be advised, the heat index does not fall under "severe weather" so hydrate well & wear sunscreen to your classes so we can all enjoy the horses and the heat!

Check out our fun barn series on YouTube

Welcome to our farm!

Like all good things, we are still a work in progress!

A beginner lesson

This clip is from a rider who had only worked 3 sessions and was with Raz for a first time April 2021. This is technically a "beginner" lesson since we are working privately on steering, control, and balance. We start ALL riders this way and eventually promote them to group riding!

NEW 2021    Cowboy Classes

Intro to roping is our newest element to the W.A program. Learn how to rope our dummy-steer affectionately known as Ferdinand then test your skills at Horse Camp during our Goat Roping Challenge and relay competitions!

$50 - 60 min recommended for ages 6+

Includes pre & post ride grooming, tacking, and of course saddle time. Dress in what makes you comfortable, grab one of our disinfected SEI safety helmets(or bring your own), & let's ride!

$35 - 30 min recommended for ages 3+

Includes an already prepared horse with an option to decorate the pony's mane with braids/bows. These are a favorite among the little riders who simply want to pony ride for a few minutes.

*for groups of 2 at a time only. Additional fees apply for larger bookings. 

Intermediate riding with Ms. Julia

All classes are adapted to each pair(horse and rider). Some riders have dreams of blue ribbons and trophies, others seek deeper personal connections with their pony. Whether it's competitive or recreational(like this video exemplifies), to goal to every session we teach here at W.A is to promote willingness in both horse and rider. This clip is of an actual lesson in 2018 full of authentic trial and error & what a typical intermediate class looks like.

Gift Certificates available year round

$35- gift certificate for a 30min private pony-ride session with a W.A pony that includes optional braiding & bows, fully prepared pony, and handler(for ages 4-5)

$50 - gift certificate for a 60 min private one-on-one training session with W.A instructor and level appropriate wonder pony(for ages 6+)

Cash or check payable to Julia Walker mailed to 

1748 Flying W Trl. Hillsborough NC 27278. 

Include rider first/last name, age, & guardian contact info to confirm receipt .

All certificates sold during Jan. 1, 2021- Nov. 30, 2021 must be scheduled by the end of the month they are purchased in(even if recipient wants to book for later in the year). No refund. W.A is not liable for shipping damage or lost items. Personal pick up by appointment.

All certificates sold during Dec 2020 must be scheduled by the end of January 31 2021(even if recipient wants to book in July etc.). No exchanges/refund. W.A is not liable for shipping damage or lost items. Personal pick-up by appointment.

Intermediate flat work class filmed in 2018