A letter to our future Sponsors,

Walker Acres is beyond pleased to announce that we are GROWING! While we continue to be diligent about providing a safe, fun, and informative horseback riding experience to our community, we humbly ask our favorite local business's for sponsorships that will help supplement facilities without forcing riders & their families to sacrifice their precious time at our program.

In addition to our program catering to the horse-crazy kiddos, we also offer adult recreational riding opportunities, AND alternative play-spaces that allow families & siblings something to enjoy while riders are rocking their skills in the arena. Our horses are all hand-picked meeting all the safety & tolerance expectations necessary to promote a well-rounded learning environment and our personable goats & chickens provide a welcoming backyard farm experience that charms all our guests.

It's our mission to offer an affordable recreational riding opportunity to families of all tax-brackets. Your sponsorships make it possible for us all to continue to offset costs & keep rates low so EVERYONE can continue to reap the benefits the W.A #wonderponies have to offer. 

Imagine you're 7 years old, you were supposed to start a new grade this year. You were excited to see your friends again after a long summer & try out for the school team that you are FINALLY old enough for. Then the world stopped turning. The news threw terms around like "pandemic" and "crisis". Mom & dad seem to be in a constant state of panic & you hear them keep talking about "what if" & now you're beginning to get nervous. You're not allowed to go out anymore. But why? Relatives stop coming that used to visit often. School isn't starting now. Everyone is always nervous. But why? Your cousin who was supposed to graduate this year isn't having that cookout you wanted to go to. You cry a lot. Things don't seem to be getting better. Your older brother who was supposed to come home from his station overseas isn't coming now & no one knows when he will be able to. Mom cries a lot. All the grown ups are upset & some wear really scary masks when they are in parking lots. Are they sick? 'Am I' you think. Now school has started but you have to do it from the computer & its hard. Mom can't help. Sometimes the computer breaks. Your birthday was canceled but Nana called & sent a card through the mail. Then mom sees a Walker Acres ad & asks you if you want to try riding? Sure...why not? And then you pull into the drive way and the news goes silent. The crisis is left at the end of the rocks. The noise & chaos of the politics & viruses dies & an ocean of soft sweet grass fills the air. You can hear birds & chickens. The horses fur feels like silk & you begin to remember how to lift your chin again. The sunshine warms your cheeks as the breeze flows over your arms. The smell of leather & hay is refreshing. The instructor is gentle & confident which makes you feel secure. This is kind of nice. You begin to feel...better. The lesson ends & you hug your horse around their soft neck & breath in their scent. 'I want to come back' you think... 'I'm not afraid when I'm with you.' Mom sees how the time spent here has been so healing. She has found a lighthouse in today's ocean of uncertainty. With one last look around, she makes a mental note as her 7 year old hugs that horses neck, of all the other lighthouses who banners line the walls and quietly thanks them for making today possible...

Your sponsorship can mean the difference for this child because by sponsoring the program, you help offset the cost of construction & maintenance so we can keep this kind of riding affordable...this is a common story & one we can help make a difference in. United we Stand. Here's to healing together and building a better tomorrow! When you donate an itemized or monetary sponsorship, not only will we hang your banners in and around our facility, but we will also promote your business & products on all our media platforms & (in addition to referring all our tribe to your place of business) send you some official W.A merch as a token of our appreciation!

Make your advertisements work for you & partner with a brand you can feel confident endorsing! These youths, through routine riding, are nurturing lifelong skills in leadership, patience,& cooperation in addition to mental & physical self-care that will aid them as they become tomorrow's future. Our adults, through riding recreationally, recharge & revitalize through the tranquility the horses beam, thus making them more empathetic towards themselves & others. Even our families who come to support their riders have a positive place to offer support & enjoy the W.A charm that they carry with them through their travels as they visit YOUR place of business!

On behalf of the Walker Acres riders, their families, and the famous #wonderponies, we thank you for considering partnership with us as we journey through our expansion & create new & affordable opportunities that allow riders of all walks to enjoy the magic of W.A.


Julia Walker Director & Coordinator

Choose your preferred sponsorship contrabution

Annual Monetary Sponsorship

includes banner space for 1 year, media platform promotions, select W.A merchandise, & team-photo 


yearly renewal optional

Bi-annual Monetary Sponsorship

includes banner space for 6 months, media platform promotions, & select W.A merchandise


6m renewal optional

Itemized Sponsorship

A donation of items/equipment/products reciprocated with advertisements of equal value in and around the facility, media platforms, & select W.A merchandise


Or customize your own

We are happy to work with your business and it's marketing department to make a customized sponsorship donation you feel good about.

Not a business, but want to contribute?

Individual sponsorships of $20+ are a treasure that we at W.A feel should be rewarded! 

With a whole team of grateful hearts sending our warmest thanks, individual sponsorships of $20+ will receive a private THANK YOU letter, a photo, and a select piece of Walker Acres merchandise as a token of our appreciation.

To mail in your sponsorship and become a lighthouse

contact Julia Walker 

or mail in your sponsorship to

1748 Flying W Trl. Hillsborough NC 27278