What makes W.A riding academy unique

We proudly offer formal riding lessons for both recreational and competitive riders. With a focus on safety, W.A also actively incorporates methods from the Reggio Amillio Teaching Theory that suggests that we can learn better and easier through play. Varying between riders, W.A may use fun riding games, music, & a touch of whimsy to help the laborious heels-down-toes-up lesson seem more like fun. With a foundation in positive reinforcement, each rider has a riding experience tailored uniquely to them that still examines classical form while remaining light-hearted and fun.

Private Lesson $60/rider - includes 60 min of formal instruction in proper grooming, tacking, showmanship, and horsemanship. Riders graduate to group lesson when they can confidently move between the walk/trot and steer with exceptional skill.

Group lesson $45/rider - includes 60 min of formal more focused instruction in showmanship and horsemanship with elements of patterns and abstract exercises that challenge riders at all 3 gaits.

Private Pony-ride $35/rider - includes 30min of brushing and riding on a lead-line in the hands of an instructor absent of any formal instruction. 

Pony-Ride Event booking begins at $375 for 4 horses & the event pony-walker wheel. Call direct for a free quote 984-215-0023