Walker Acres Wonder Ponies

Regular on-site Shenanigans

Riding Lessons

For rides ages 5-7. Riders get 60 min of

formal private instruction in both 

Showmanship and Horsemanship 

including brushing.

Cash or check to "Julia Walker" acceptable 



Pony Rides

Pony rides are offered outside of events.

Scheduled Pony Rides are for ages 4-7.

These rides tend to last between 20-30

min giving riders a more exclusive 

opportunity to enjoy the Wonder 

Ponies. Groups of 4 can be booked in the

same ride.

Cash or check to "Julia Walker" acceptable



Custom Shenanigans

Pony Birthday Party

Pony parties are so special! The base 

package includes:

  • 2 hr facility lease
  • 2 handlers
  • 4 ponies
  • picnic area for cake &/or presents


Pony Party Add-ons

  • trash pick up +$25
  • Princess Unicorn/Cowboy Décor       +$25
  • photography +$50
  • additional hour +$80/hour(For            groups larger than 8)

base package +

Pony Party Registration

Registration and booking deposit must be mailed to "Julia Walker"

1748 Flying W Tr. Hillsborough NC 2728

at least 30 day in advance